Monday, April 6, 2015

Small Town to Big City: Things You Should Know

For some, the dream of moving to a big city is enticing and can be a lot of fun. However, there is an adjustment that comes with moving to the city and one of those are a “quick” trip to the store doesn't exist. I learned this the hard way when I lived in Los Angeles and it took me 30 minutes to drive 5 blocks. If you decide to move to a large metro area like New York, I would highly suggest you use public transit. There are some places you don’t want to drive.

For living in Utah or looking to move here, we have our own public transit system that is worth checking out. While you are riding the public transit, take advantage of your free time by listening to audiotapes, podcasts, or read that book you've been trying to find some time to read.

Another aspect that comes from moving to a city, is parking can be a challenging experience. You can expect to pay to park your car and even when you get a new job, don’t assume parking will be free and in some cases, your employer will not reimburse. To find out more about parking in your city, check out these parking apps.

Are you a city dweller or does your heart belong in a small town? Let us know what you love about your town/city on our Facebook page.

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