Friday, May 16, 2014

The Chef in You

We all have things we are good at and others we are not so good at. One thing that I am not good at: I am not a cook. I mean, sure I can create something as I go along, but I am not a fan of following recipes. Some of my rebellion stems from my father who cannot cook anything without adlibbing. But the thing is, he is a great cook unlike me.

Image by Zanthia

So, how do you become a better cook? Well first of all, cook more often. The more you cook, the more you improve. Make dishes you like! I mean if you are going to put the effort into making the meal, you should at least enjoy it. Become an adventurous eater, incorporate your some of the stuff you discover into some of your dishes. For the full list of tips to become a better chef, read Adam Roberts Blog, 10 Quick Ways to Become a Better Cook.

For great recipes and video tutorials, check out the amazing website All Recipes and allow your inner chef to come out.

Are you a good cook? Share some of your tips and favorite recipes with us.

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